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Give it to me - cover by FUNK ET AL
The Waltz
Wonderful Ride
Adam Miner - "Christina"
Barrel Burner || ABUSED || Official Video
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Located in rural Ontario, the Adam Miner Music studio is of his own design, based on 27 years of audio work. The ten foot walls around the console are over two feet thick piles of insulation covered in fabric. This absorbs frequencies down to 55hz, or the A string of a Bass. Across the back wall is diffusion, making the room sound bigger than it is. His philosophy is a balance between deadening the room where needed, and letting the sound bloom in a musical way. The room is 20’x15’ with a peaked roof. The ratio and high ceiling are excellent for mixing and mastering

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News 2021:

The studio’s latest excitement is having Brenda Earle Stokes latest Jazz record “Solo Sessions Vol. 1” reviewed in Downbeat, America’s most prestigious Jazz publication. It was Adam’s first time out as head engineer on a jazz project.

About Adam:

Adam has been making records for 27 years. In the mid 90’s he started a $5 an hour cassette studio/garage to record local bands as well as his own work.

In 2007, after a short stint working on Jazz and Classical records in Toronto as a 2nd Engineer, Adam moved to his home town and opened up a recording space with one of  Canada’s largest tracking rooms. Over a decade he finished over 40 albums, working with various artists along the Toronto-Windsor corridor. He typically recorded, mixed and mastered every project.

Adam Miner Music moved to Chatham last year.

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A 1/4” Reel to Reel, passive tube equalizer and a compressor with tube and solid-state signal paths interface with cutting-edge audio conversion. The digital patch bay allows any combination of digital and analog processing. 3-way speakers and sub from Danish giants Dynaudio.  


  1. Dynaudio LYD48’s w/ 18S Sub

  2. Sonarworks Reference 4


  1. Antelope Orion 32+

  2. Echo Audiofire12


  1. Manley Massve Passive EQ

  2. Millennia Twincom TCL-2 Compressor

  3. Greatriver MP4H 4 channel preamp

  4. Aphex 1100 2 channel Preamp

  5. Soundworkshop 1280b console side-car

  6. Pioneer Rt-707 1/4” reel to reel


  1. AEA R84 x2

  2. AKG 451B x2

  3. AKG C12vr

  4. AKG C1000

  5. AKG C414B-ULS x2

  6. Astatic 335a

  7. Electro-Vocie 635a

  8. Electro-Voice RE-20

  9. Sonarworks Measurement mic

  10. Rode NT2 x2

  11. Sennheiser MD 409 U3

  12. Shure Beta 52

  13. Shure SM57 x5

  14. Shure SM58


  1. Martin acoustic 12 and 6 string

  2. Taylor acoustic 12 and 6 string

  3. Yamaha 12 string electric

  4. G&L Tele

  5. Gibson Les Paul w P90’s

  6. Harmony guitar (archtop 50’s)

  7. Ensoniq ESQ1 synth

  8. Native Instruments and Arturia soft synths

  9. Roland TR-08 (modern 808)

  10. Fender Reverb Deluxe

  11. Mesa Boogie Mark V

  12. Custom Tube amp

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131 Given Road, Chatham Ontario, Canada, N7L 0C7

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